Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Do not disturb...

As today is the Station at S.Maria Maggiore, I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite little-known Roman funerary monuments. The above simple monument is that of the family of Bartolomeo Sacchi, also known as Platina, the humanist, Papal historian and Vatican librarian. It's tucked away in a little alcove to the left of the high altar.
The interesting bit is the second Latin inscription:
Quisquis es, si pius, Platynam et suos ne vexes, anguste jacent, et soli volunt esse.
which roughly translates as Whoever you might be, if you are an upright man you will not disturb Platina and his family who lie tightly-packed and wish to remain alone.
Click on the photo for an enlargement. I'd be fascinated to learn what the Greek text underneath says.

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Petellius said...

I can't make out all the Greek words, I'm afraid. Do you happen to have a better image of the text, or can you give a transcription?

What I can make out seems to say:

.....ON PALIN ......

Which would mean something like:

"Be of good courage, brother, .... again...."