Sunday, April 22, 2007

The Pope & Fur

An interesting news story:
ROME — An Italian animal rights group is asking Pope Benedict XVI to give up his fur, including an ermine-trimmed red velvet cape and papal hat, in "a choice of high religious and ethical value."
"It would be a praiseworthy example of Christian charity," Roberto Bennati, the deputy chairman of the Anti-Vivisection League, said in a statement released late Friday.
Benedict sometimes wears a fur-trimmed hat called a "camauro," headgear popular with pontiffs in the 17th century. He also has donned a red velvet cape trimmed in ermine.
The Anti-Vivisection League made its appeal ahead of a papal trip later this month to Pavia, a northern city that is home to some of Italy's furriers.
"In the respect for the sacredness of all living species, we urge the Holy Father to make a choice of high religious and ethical value, giving up fur on this occasion as well as in the future," said Bennati.
The Vatican has not publicly responded to the appeal.
Given that the forecast temperature for tomorrow's mass is in the mid-20s Celcius (high 70s Fahrenheit), I think that the Pope has probably left his fur at home. *Rolls eyes*


Az said...

Can anyone confirm that the fur on the papal mozzetta is genuine in the first place?

Robert said...

It is highly unlikely for the Pope to be dressed in artificial fur - especially since the garments in question are at least several decades old.

romaryka said...

i'm kind of with you on the rolling eyes, z, but at the same time ... what would st francis say?