Saturday, April 21, 2007

A (Dominican?) Vocation?

Over at Godzdogz (sic), Bruno Clifton OP has a brief, but thought-provoking post on the issue of his vocation. One part stuck me in particular:
In 2000, while at the RNCM, I read but one page of a book, The Catholic Faith by Richard Conrad OP, a Dominican friar. Its clarity, its reasonableness, its understanding exposed a tradition of thinking about truth and fell into a groove for me. ‘Who are these Dominicans?’ I thought. ‘This is what needs to be done, this study, this cultivation of understanding, this preaching. More people should do this work’. And I turned back to music. But it was too late… The seed of desire had begun to grow and the sense of duty, responsibility and calling gradually unveiled. The Catholic Church needs Preachers and if you can’t get a job done…
Whenever we see something in the Church or in the world and think 'more people need to be doing this work. This is worthwhile,' we should be attentive to the fact that this could well be the way that God is calling us to a particular vocation or mission.

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