Monday, April 30, 2007

New Auxiliary Bishops in Melbourne...

According to the Bolletino: One Fr Timothy Costello SDB (of whom I've never heard) and Mons Peter J Elliott, who is the author of Ceremonies of the Modern Roman Rite - probably the sanest and most reasonable practical book on how to celebrate the liturgy of Paul VI.


Venerable Aussie said...

Fr Tim Costelloe is a really nice guy (though I read this a few weeks back and thought he misread Christifidelis Laici).

I'm not sure how much he shares with his SDB boss (one Frank Moloney of Gospel According to Judas infamy) but let's pray that nothing has rubbed off.

By the way, the church of which he is pastor burnt down a couple of weeks back:

Anonymous said...

Msgr Elliott's appointment is the best news the Great Archdiocese of Melbourne has had in a long time.

Venerable Aussie, is right about Bishop-Elect Timothy Costelloe SDB being a really nice guy. He's generally a reasonably sound theologian too. I'm sure nothing of Moloney's nonsense has rubbed off onto Costelloe, I rather liken him to another SDB of note; Secretary of State Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone.

By the way Venerable Aussie, Fr Costelloe's parish is Clifton Hill, not Collingwood. Hence, it was not his parish Church that burnt down several weeks ago.

Overall this is good news for the Australian Church, particularly the Metropolitan See of Melbourne.

John said...

Both posters are right. Fr Costelloe is parish priest of Clifton Hill, and parish priest of Collingwood.