Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Unfortunate story in the Telegraph

Monk's death linked to Da Vinci Code:
A monk may have leapt to his death from a monastery after reading The Da Vinci Code, it emerged yesterday.
Abbot Alan Rees, 64, a revered figure in the Benedictine community, fell 30ft from a second-storey balcony at Belmont Abbey in Herefordshire last October.
The Swansea-born monk had suffered from depression for the past 12 years.
But at a recent inquest into his death, Fr Paul Stonham, the Abbey's replacement abbot, linked his last bout of depression to a novel. There is speculation that he was referring to The Da Vinci Code.
The book's central theme, that Christianity is a sexist conspiracy, has been condemned by cardinals and church historians.
I suspect that the Telegraph is running with an off-hand remark made by the new Abbot at the inquest. Of course, the impression given by the story is that The Da Vinci Code is dangerous in a way that anyone who's read it critically knows is nonsense.

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