Monday, March 20, 2006

Something to get excited about!

In terms of my eternal salvation this is of marginal importance, but today's Bolletino contains details of the opportunity to pay 'Courtesy Visits' to the new Cardinals on Friday afternoon from 4.30pm - 6.30pm. Having been created Cardinals, their Eminences receive all-comers wishing to pay their respects.
Last time round, the Cardinals were scattered around the modern Paul VI hall (except for Cardinal Marchisano who recived visitors in the rather grander surroundings of a recption room in the offices of the Fabrica... he also laid on refreshments...), but this time the visitors will be recived in some of the gorgeously frecoed rooms of the Apostolic Palace. You will have seen some of these rooms if you watched the various ceremonies associated with the transfer of Pope John Paul II's body and the conclave.
The list of Cardinals and their assigned rooms are as follows:
Sala Regia
1. Card. William Joseph LEVADA
2. Card. Seán Patrick O’MALLEY, O.F.M. Cap.

Aula della Benedizione
1. Card. Jorge Liberato UROSA SAVINO
2. Card. Gaudencio B. ROSALES
3. Card. Nicholas CHEONG JINSUK
4. Card. Joseph ZEN ZE-KIUN, S.D.B.
5. Card. Peter Poreku DERY
6. Card. Albert VANHOYE, S.I.

Sala Ducale
2. Card. Agostino VALLINI

Sala Paramenti 1
Card. Carlo CAFFARRA

Sala Paramenti 2
Card. Franc RODÉ, C.M.

Sala Pontefici
Card. Stanisław DZIWISZ

Galleria Lapidaria
1. Card. Jean-Pierre RICARD

For those in Rome it'll be an opportunity to do something delightfully medieval and see some of the rooms within the Apostolic Palaces not normally open to the public.

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