Thursday, December 01, 2005

Why is it...?

... that buying a can of compressed air to clean my keyboard necessarily leads to a room-wide seach for anything and everything that could conceivably be cleaned in this manner? Aerosols are fun!
Something to interest the Cnytr from the Telegraph:
It is not every day you find yourself in the arms of Marilyn Monroe. But researchers in Japan are working to create a future in which we may one day all get that chance.
The Marilyn in question is a robot, developed by a team at Tohoku University and currently wowing crowds with her silky ballroom dancing skills at a Tokyo exhibition.
A gentle push from her partner and she glides across the floor on rollers concealed beneath a long, flowing sculpted "dress". A squeeze of the hand and she twists. Her graceful bow at the waltz's end brings a ripple of applause, murmurs of delight and blinding flashes from admirers' cameras.

From the Corriere: An Italian designer lights up a Russian church.

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