Wednesday, December 14, 2005


In the Telegraph:
The freegans have landed and, by tonight, will probably be foraging through a supermarket skip near you.
"Freeganism" is the latest craze to arrive in Britain from the US. It involves scavenging through bins at supermarkets and food stores to retrieve blemished goods or food that has been thrown out because it has reached its sell-by date.
Though supermarket chains said yesterday that they were attempting to keep a lid on the situation with locked bins and security patrols, the Co-op admitted that the craze had become "quite a problem".
Websites dedicated to freeganism have been set up in America and enthusiasts in the UK are now exchanging messages in chatrooms.

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Daermon said...

your a little behind the times on this release....dumpster divers have been food fishing for a very very long time.....