Monday, December 05, 2005

Hello Kitty Coins?

Okay, I'm going to engage in another potentially offensive generalization, but it seems that the Far East is absolutely batty about a cartoon cat called 'Hello Kitty'. Even some Asian nuns here in Rome have been known to squeal at the sight of Hello Kitty merchandise. Anyway, it seems that the latest thing is the 'Hello Kitty' Coin:
TOKYO (AFP) - Hello Kitty, the mouthless cat turned global icon of cuteness, will make a foray into the currency market with gold and silver euro coins showing her having the time of her life in Paris.
Order-taking will start Monday for a total of 4,000 coins in five different designs to be minted in Paris, according to Hello Kitty's maker Sanrio and Japanese firm Taisei Coins.
The designs are drawn on "the dreams and admiration for Paris that Kitty has," Sanrio said on its website.
The most expensive one-ounce gold coin is priced at 168,000 yen (1,400 dollars, 1,200 euros) each, compared with a face value of 50 euros.
The coin has a color image of Kitty in a ballroom gown dancing with her boyfriend Daniel in their "Versailles Debut."
Here's a pic. Why do I feel the need to go away and be gratuitously nasty to someone?

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