Monday, June 21, 2004

Welcome surfer...

I'm always really jealous of other 'blogs that have visits from really bizarre google (or equivalent) searches. Alas, I've had nothing overly exciting so far, though I am mildly curious as to what the Lituanian surfer who found me though a search for oath of allegiance liturgia was after.
Anyway, in unrelated matters, the perennial ducks crossing street photo makes its appearance on the Corriere della Sera website. Also worth a peep is the slideshow of the new-age solstice rites at Stonehenge. (Don't forget to click the '2' button at the top left corner to see the second page of pictures.) Also check out this
Vietnamese chap whose hair is over 6 metres (c.18 feet) long. Not bad for 31 years unrestrained growth.
In keeping with the general theme of 'Zadok has nothing interesting to say, so he'll just keep linking to interesting photos', has this piece of garbled English which has a tenuous religious connection.
Finally, those of you interested in LITURGIA should check out these pages which show how the dedication of a church was performed before the simplification of these rites. ('Bring back the Gregorian Water,' says I!)

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