Saturday, June 12, 2004


The Corriere della Sera marks what would have been Anne Frank's 75th Birthday with this photo taken in Amsterdam in 1941. also, the latest from Japan is this air-conditioned jacket. Stylish!
Chesterton notwithstanding, it seems that Prof Fomenko from yesterday's post seems to be an artist too! Scroll down the page for hyperlinks to some of his work.
The Compendium of Common Knowledge provides an interesting look at Elizabethan England, even if it is tainted with by occasionally mixing the blindly obvious with the undoubtedly incorrect. It's nice to know that instead of saying 'wow', the Elizabethan would have 'Fie me!', 'Marry!', ''Zounds', 'I'faith!', 'Hey-ho!', 'God's Death!' or 'What ho!'

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