Wednesday, June 02, 2004

In brief...

Today is the 'Festa della Repubblica', the 58th anniversary of the foundation of the Republic. In Rome it's celebrated by military aircraft flyovers and a parade. According to the Corriere della Sera there are the inevitable counter-protests, with about 100 'Disobedience' protesters near the Coliseum and 'peace' campaigners hanging flags from the bridges over the Tiber. The 'Rainbow Flag' has become an incedibly popular symbol for peace here and the Romans seem totally oblivious to it connection to the 'Gay Rights' movement. Commenting on the number of rainbow flags hanging from the windows of appartments a priest I know said 'They say there are 5 million idiots in this country, well now we know where they all live!'.

Over at Basia Me, Catholica Sum Meredith provides an excellent review of Philip Pullman's Dark Material's trilogy. Pullman's books are certainly begin as an enjoyable read, but ultimately disappoint. Meredith puts her finger on exactly why this is so.

Regarding theological manuals, the debate is continued by Sodak Monk, with the Old Oligarch responding.

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