Sunday, October 07, 2007

Now, why didn't I think of that?

Via Corriere della Sera:
An Italian man disguised as a priest, and prepared to lock himself in a bathroom for a day, managed to sneak away with dozens of 300-year-old books, drawings and watercolours worth at least 650,000 euros from leading libraries and public archives in Rome. Italian police recovered the items in raids at the man’s home and storerooms. The suspect, a Roman man in his mid-forties, used ink remover to delete identification numbers and library stamps from the items, said General Giovanni Nistri, who heads the Italian police art squad.


Jane said...

Wow. How bad is it to be jealous of a criminal?

Matthew said...

Where's Flavia di Stefano when you need her?

Kathy said...

Rumor has it that at a certain Catholic university, after they locked up the canon law collection, the moral theology books were stolen most often.