Saturday, May 13, 2006

Very cool art...

From Daniel Mitsui we have this extraordinary crucifixion.
I like that a lot. I do wish that he hadn't labelled everyone, though. Much better to let the symbolism speak for itself. (But that's a minor quibble.)
It's funny that I should stumble across this particular depiction because I visited an exhibition about the history of the Swiss Guards in the Vatican last week and noticed some old flags presented to the various Swiss Cantons some centuries ago. (I meant to take note of exactly when...) Anyway, some of them had depictions of the crucifixion as part of their design, and included in these depictions were Christ's linen garment with three dice on top. It's something that one occasionally sees included in depictions of the crucifixion. I'm actually a little curious about the specific history and significance of this inclusion which is most uncommon.

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