Saturday, May 20, 2006

Something Typically Italian...

I recently had occasion to travel a bit by car around Italy and was stunned to come across one of the newest products on the Italian market. Whilst in most of the rest of the civilized world, when alcholic drinks companies are not maintaining a discreet silence about the ill-effects associated with abuse of their products they fund 'responsible drinking campaigns' and help sponsor anti-drink driving campaigns to bolster their public image. One Italian company has a different approach. Drive Beer is a low alcohol beer which is primarily marketed on the basis that one can can drink it and drive whilst remaining below the blood-alcohol limit. Apparantly one can have two drive beers and still legally take the wheel. It really is quite astonishing to see posters with a traffic cop and a Formula One racecar driver enjoying a beer together. In addition to their posters they have this website with one of the most annoying advertising jingles ever.
Drive Beer - The Beer for People who Drive. *gob-smacked*

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