Tuesday, March 15, 2005

St Philip Neri and Palazzo Massimo...

Tomorrow I hope to make my way to Palazzo Massimo in the centre of Rome because the 16th of March is the only day the 2nd floor chapel is open to the public:
Closed to the public and art historians alike, the palace is, however, open just one day a year, 16 March, in memory of the miracle performed by San Filippo Neri on that day in 1583. The young Paolo Massimi was recalled from the dead by the saint, who spoke with the resurrected child for a while, but was unable to convince him to stay in this world. Thrilled at the thought of hearing the angelic choir once more, the boy confessed his willingness to die and returned again to heaven. The room in which he died is now a chapel in which masses are recited continually on the morning of 16 March.

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