Monday, November 03, 2008

First Pregnant RC Priest?

Via Ruth Gledhill:
Congratulations to Jessica Rowley, who has achieved distinction by becoming the world's first pregnant Catholic priest.
RiverFrontTimes reports:
'A little over a year ago, 26-year-old Jessica Rowley shattered the stained-glass ceiling, so to speak, by being ordained a Catholic priest. Now the St. Louisan is on the verge of giving birth to her first child, and a Washington, D.C.-based group that advocates for women’s ordination says that makes Rowley the world’s first pregnant Catholic priest.
Well, I hardly need explain to my readers that Ms Rowley is not a Catholic priest... but it will be interesting to see how many of her supporters will trumpet her as being the 'First Pregnant RC Priest'. I suppose this means that they don't really believe their claims that there were tons of female priests in the 1st Millennium... Or maybe they're presuming that all these previous Womenpriests were celibate.
Interestingly, the original news item has the following:
Rowley says her congregation cheered when she told them she and her husband, a minister for the United Church of Christ, were expecting.
So what church – the ECC or the UCC -- will Rowley’s baby boy join?
"That's a good question," says Rowley, with a laugh. "It's a topic of conversation in our home a lot. We're going to baptize him in both churches. But eventually he'll be able to make a decision for himself."
Repetition of baptism is, of course, a very serious sacrilege.


Bobby Murphy said...

I do think it is amusing that the media keeps calling her a Catholic priest. They are obviously wrong and misinformed. Just because she claims to be one doesn't mean she is one. I mean, I can't claim to be president and then all of a sudden be president. Totally ludacris.

Anonymous said...

I think the term "priestess" would be more accurate. This is timely with Fr. Bourgeois' excommunication forthcoming.

Seraphic Single said...

Oh great. Two baptisms. Once again, the Womanpriest movement show what utter complete morons they all are.

Morons, morons!

Good point about the fictional hoardes of first millennium female priests, Zadok. Hee hee hee!

In related news, I heard a lay woman give a reflection after the Gospel yesterday. (Now, it would be just as bad if she were a lay man, so nobody get the wrong idea.) She said that God sends us evil as well as good. Um, no. Turns out that the "homilist" was an ex-nun. Uh huh.

Seraphic Single said...

By the way, I am surprised anyone in the Womanpriest religion is young enough to get pregnant.