Thursday, October 16, 2008

Roman nun votes - aged 106

I don't normally do American politics on this 'blog, but this caught my eye:
The last time Mother Cecelia Gaudette voted, Dwight Eisenhower won the race for the White House.
Now, 56 years after she cast her last presidential ballot, the 106-year-old nun has decided this election is too monumental to miss.
"I think it's very important," she said. Mother Cecelia, who resides in Rome, may be the oldest voter to cast an absentee ballot this election. She reads the paper daily and watches the evening news to keep up with current events.
She asked fellow nun 78-year-old Mother Mary to help her get an overseas ballot. The problem was that on the U.S. election Web site the birth years for potential voters only goes back to 1905 — three years after Mother Cecelia was born.
And her political opinions?
And while the last time she voted Mother Cecelia sided with the Republican candidate, this year she decided to go with the Democrat.
"[Barack] Obama. I think he's the man, really. I think so," she said.


Berenike said...

Normally you don't do anything on this blog ...

Zadok the Roman said...

Ouch! ;)

Enbrethiliel said...


So does that mean you are chagrined enough to start 'blogging regularly again? ;;)