Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Interesting... Pentecost Indoors...

From the Bolletino:
L’11 maggio 2008, Domenica di Pentecoste, alle ore 10, il Santo Padre Benedetto XVI celebrerà nella Basilica Vaticana la Santa Messa della Solennità.
Alla Celebrazione sono invitati i fedeli della diocesi di Roma e i pellegrini presenti in città.
It seems as though this year's Pentecost Sunday Mass will be celebrated by the Holy Father inside St Peter's rather than in the Square as has been done in previous years.
I'm not one of those people who think that the Holy Father should never celebrate Mass in St Peter's Square, but I do think that it is fitting that St Peter's itself be used more often for Papal Masses.

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surge said...

Yes, this is interesting. Is it normal for the Holy Father to celebrate "just" Mass even though this is a principal feast of the Church?
It is usually linked with a Canonisation, Ordination, or consistory, or a very large special group in Rome.