Saturday, August 05, 2006


Firstly, a belated plug for the SS. Peter & Paul edition of the online magazine Dappled Things. (Not to be confused with Fr Tucker's 'blog of the same name.)
Secondly, an interesting article about the crop circle phenomenon:
The death of one of the leading lights of England's crop-circle world has led to a fall in agricultural artwork, it emerged yesterday.
Friends of Paul Obee admitted they had been devastated by his suicide this year and no longer had the will go out and create the circles.
Fellow "croppie" Andrew Byrne, 41, said: "There was a slump in crop circle-making after Paul's death. The community of circle-makers was whacked by his death because we're all quite close. People just didn't want to go out and make them."
The huge intricate patterns that adorn fields are believed by some to be the work of a paranormal force.
In reality the geometric designs are created at night by "landscape artists" who are considered vandals by many. The designs attract tourists from around the world.
Wiltshire, where Mr Obee lived, has seen a slump in the activity of the crop-circle makers in what is traditionally their peak season.

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