Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Book question...

I was recently sorting through a few books and realised that as my library is scattered over several locations I have more than one copy of some books. Apart from having several copies of the Bible (different translations, though) and dupicate copies of some liturgical texts, the following are the books I have two copies of:

John Henry Newman: Plain and Parochial Sermons (I purchased the very compact 1 Volume Ignatius edition on ultra-thin paper, and shortly afterwards received the old [early 20th Century] standard 8 Volume set)
John Henry Newman: The Dream of Gerontius (I originally owned a very tatty photocopy of the text, and later received a lovely old illustrated printing as a gift)
Flann O'Brien: The Best of Myles (The most under-rated humourist of the 20th Century. I read my original copy to pieces, retained the remains and purchased another
Jane Austen: The Complete Novels (I don't like being too far from Jane Austen - so I bought a 2nd copy)
EM Forster: A Room with a View (It's a bit of fluff, but I adore this novel. It's my comfort reading and has many happy associations. Again, I dislike being too far from a copy of this book, so I bought a 2nd copy)
EM Forster: Howards End (Got my 2nd copy free at a 2nd hand bookshop. I never look a gift horse in the mouth.)
So, anyone else out there own multiple copies of their favourite (or even not-so-favourite) books?

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