Friday, July 08, 2005

A reply...

Whereas, having been challenged by one Cnytr to a contest,
And notwithstanding my objections in principle to entering into a wager with a Lady,
For I am obligated to count her no longer a Lady due to her repeated impudence,
I, Zadok the Roman, take up the proverbial gauntlet,
Due to the divers manifestations of disrespect against my person on behalf of said Cnytr,
To wit:
Accurate, but inopportune, criticisms of Zadok’s elocution, countenance and deportment,
Grievous imitation and mockery,
An unwillingness to discuss ecclesiology,
Repeated attempts to deride Zadok’s unique sense of sartorial style,
And generalised lack of regard for Zadok’s august personage,

I accept her challenge and pending negotiation of terms,
I say, ‘Bring it on!’

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