Sunday, November 14, 2004


'Blogging has been sparse because I have been very busy.

However, I must mention this Zenit article which mentions a residence for lay students who want to study in Rome's pontifical universites and a new centre dedicated to theological reseach on the Eucharist. I'm fairly familiar with the Lay Centre's work in Rome and heartily recommend it as an option for lay people interested in studying Philosophy/Theology in Rome. I've also had the pleasure of attending a retreat by the Center Eucharistia's director Fr. Anthony McSweeney and have little doubt but that the centre will be a great success. (The website is, I understand, still in development.)
I guess that is the Muslim equivalent of the Easter Egg - special pastries to celebrate the end of Ramadan.
Gianelli has this droll commentary on Arafat's death - he's being frisked by the Angels before he's left anywhere near the gates of Heaven.

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