Friday, September 10, 2004

More from Fr. d'Alton...

“I should think it’s perfectly obvious why I refused his [the Professor Emeritus of Ecclesiastical History] invitation,” the Abbot snapped. “University statues notwithstanding, he’s been keeping cocker spaniels in his room for as long as I can remember.” Dom Pio surmised that the Abbot’s association with the university dated back forty years or more. “Anyway,” continued the Abbot, “He’s always had a penchant for giving them extravagant names – Athanasius, Dollinger, and so on.”
“I’m not sure that’s particularly offensive.”
“Maybe not, but his bitch Egeria has just given birth to puppy he’s calling Anathema.”
“Bull!” muttered Dom Pio.
- Ritual and Right by Fr Linus d’Alton

Professor Paxton Bailey was no fan of German advances in Biblical scholarship. The nearest he got to formgeschichte was an argument in the public bar of the Fletcher’s Arms with an inebriated undergraduate concerning the merits of the second favourite in the 2.30 at Haydock.
- Ritual and Right by Fr Linus d’Alton

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